Phonic Dictation – Junior & Middle Primary Set (Subscription)

Year Level: School Licences, Year 1 & 2, Foundation, Years 3 to 6
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This is a PLD Whole School Licence resource.

By purchasing this licence, this program will be accessible as a digital flipbook that will be stored in your secure account on the PLD website. The program will be accessible as a digital flipbook that teachers can access on any device for as long as the licence is active. A School Licence is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be shared with all staff employed at the school.

We highly recommend that either the Principal, Deputy Principal or a member of the admin team purchase the School Licence in order to manage the account and its users. For more information, visit our Whole School Licence FAQ.

This set contains the four Phonic Dictation books for Stage 1 to Stage 4. Buy all four resources in a bundle and save 15%. Click on each of the links below if you wish to view the stages individually.

Here’s a little more about the series…

What happens when the correct spelling of test words does not transfer to writing? Students often write words correctly in spelling tests but struggle when applying their new knowledge to written work? As a general rule, students require many opportunities to rehearse their skills in contexts of increasing complexity. Phonic Dictation – Stage 1 – 4 focuses on a variety of spelling and phonics concepts. As students complete the dictation tasks, they are faced with the challenge of applying their recently acquired spelling concepts to the rewriting of passages. The presentation of regular phonic dictation sessions enables students to rehearse transferring spelling concepts to their writing.

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