Phonic Bingo Games – Stage 1 (Subscription)

Year Level: Year 1 & 2, Foundation
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Facilitating reading skill development through repeated practise.

At PLD, we believe the early attainment of decoding skill is important because this early skill accurately predicts later skills in the areas of word recognition and reading comprehension. Extensive research reports that children who get off to a slow start rarely become strong readers. Hence, students who learn to efficiently decode early will likely continue to improve in their reading ability. In comparison, the students that have poorly developed early decoding skills will tend to become increasingly distanced from the able readers.

By embedding specifically levelled reading words within Phonic Bingo Games – Stage 1, students are provided with a motivating method of skill development. For the students who require repeated practice in order to master phonic decoding, the games allow for this rehearsal. The bright and engaging phonic-bingo games have been designed to target 11 levels of early reading words:

  • Game 1: CVC words incorporating only 6 alphabet sounds.
  • Game 2: CVC words incorporating basically half of the alphabet.
  • Game 3: CVC words incorporating three-quarters of the alphabet.
  • Game 4: CVC words incorporating the entire alphabet.
  • Game 5: Words incorporating sh, ch and th.
  • Game 6: Words incorporating oo, ee and ck.
  • Game 7: CCVC words (i.e. incorporating initial consonant clusters).
  • Game 8: CVCC words (i.e. incorporating final consonant clusters).
  • Game 9: Words incorporating ar, or and er.
  • Game 10: Words incorporating ai and ay.
  • Game 11: Words incorporating oy and oi.

It is hoped that your students enjoy their phonic-based game experience and that they benefit from strengthened decoding, word recognition, and spelling skills. As a versatile tool, the bingo games can be played over and over again with an adult or peers.


  • 11 bingo games (A5 size: 148.5mm high x 210mm wide).
  • Instruction cards
  • Bingo games incorporate CVC words introduced in four letter sound groups, Phonic themes: sh, ch, th; oo, ee, ck, CCVC words and CVCC words, Phonic themes: ar, or, er; ay, ai and oy, oi.

This resource is mentioned in the Foundation Teaching Sequence Manual on page 11.