Generating Narratives – Set 2 (Subscription)

Year Level: Year 1 & 2
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A resource for helping children to start expressing themselves verbally and in writing through the use of multiple picture prompts.

Generating Narratives – Set 2 is designed for students aged 6 to 12 and supports the generation of oral and written narratives. Through picture sequences, this teacher resource contains 10 storylines and 30 x A4 picture cards which illustrate the structure of narratives. For example, each storyline consists of an introduction picture, a picture of a problem (or complication) and a picture of how the characters are feeling.

This pack contains the following story themes in A4 narrative structure card format:

  • Escape from prison
  • Leaky Boar
  • Storm Ruins Picnic
  • The Fly Away Kite
  • Soccer Grand Final
  • Car Breakdown
  • Hairdressing Disaster
  • UFO
  • House On Fire
  • Shark Attack

The picture sets illustrate the core initial components of narratives (i.e. introductions, problems and character’s thoughts and feelings.) The card sets have been designed to support student’s understanding of narratives and to assist students in the process of generating the content of narratives. The card sets provide multiple opportunities for students to rehearse narrative composition in a supported and structured manner.
This product is mentioned in the Year 1 & 2 Teaching Sequence Manual on page 20.