Comprehension Questions for 5 Year Olds (Subscription)

Year Level: Foundation
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A home or school picture book program for 5-year-old students.

The aim of Comprehension Questions for 5-Year-Olds is to train parents and teachers to ask developmentally appropriate questions and to evaluate the quality of a child’s oral answer. If an insufficient answer is provided by a child, there are examples of how to assist the child to answer the question specifically with sufficient information. From 5 years of age, students should love engaging with their peers and adults. Therefore, the ability to understand questions is critical for participation in social interactions and success across all curriculum areas. Comprehension Questions for 5 Year Olds has been developed as an essential resource for Oral Language Development. At this age, questions require students to predict, include, consider possible outcomes, and explain how and why. For example: How else could this have been used? Why can’t we? Why did that happen? What would you use…?

Designed by Speech Pathologists for teachers and parents for use in schools, daycare and in the home this program provides 5 year olds with:

  • Lists of developmentally appropriate picture books and comprehension questions.
    Samples of 5 year old age-appropriate answers and samples of inadequate 5 year old answers.
  • Techniques and strategies to implement when a child provides an inadequate answer.
  • An instruction booklet that outlines how the resource can be presented to a whole class, small groups or individual home setting.
  • Each card reminds the importance of repeated reading of picture books and outlines a collection of questions to be asked on day 1, then further questions to be asked on days 2, 3 and 4.
  • 42 double sided picture book cards that model appropriate questions and responses for the books listed in Recommended Books For 5 Year Olds such as ‘A Lion In The Night’, ‘Bear Hunt’, ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘A Sausages Went For A Walk’.
  • The questions focus primarily upon Blank (level 3 and 4 questions).
  • Two easy to administer progress checks; are included, to check on the acquisition of comprehension questioning ability.

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