10 Minute Language Games – Set 2 (Subscription)

Year Level: School Licences, Year 1 & 2, Foundation, Years 3 to 6
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Developing vocabulary and the ability to speak in sentences.

Designed by speech pathologists for teachers and parents, 10 Minute Language Games – Set 2 for 4 to 6-year-olds presents numerous short fast-paced games and activities that are fun and engaging and which facilitate:

  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Practice retrieving theme-based vocabulary from children’s ‘mental dictionaries’
  • The application of theme-based vocabulary to categorising and description tasks
  • Examples of age-appropriate and non-age appropriate answers

Children with language and semantic delays will often have:

  1. Gaps in their vocabulary.
  2. Difficulty retrieving their vocabulary from their mental dictionaries. Children with vocabulary retrieval problems will inconsistently retrieve appropriate words (e.g. on occasions they will label ‘lion’ appropriately and on other occasions, the labels ‘tiger or leopard’ will be used.)
  3. Other children may demonstrate relatively age-appropriate vocabularies but are non- automatic in the retrieval of the appropriate words. These children typically require additional ‘think’ or processing time.

Activity 1 – Naming and Speaking in Single Words: The vocabulary-based games are fun and engaging ways to rehearse the labelling of common category based items.
Activity 2 – Sorting and Speaking in Short Sentences: In the sorting tasks children are given the opportunity to become familiar with the characteristics that best describe the pictured items.
Activity 3 – Describing and Connecting Several Sentences Together: In the describing tasks children are given the opportunity to give clues and therefore describe the pictured items.

Each theme has 3 activity cards and 24 colour vocabulary cards. We recommend introducing the themes in the following order: Fruit & Vegetables, Weather & Seasons, Animals, Under the Sea, Minibeasts & Occupations.

This product is mentioned in the Foundation Teaching Sequence Manual on page 13 and the Year 1 & 2 Teaching Sequence Manual on page 20.

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