We are looking forward to your attendance at our upcoming online seminar. It is mandatory that all attendees connect with a webcam that is switched on for the duration of the seminar. This is required to verify attendance and any attendee who does not comply with this will not be issued with a certificate at the completion of the session.

If you do not have a working webcam or will be unable to be present on the day with an active webcam, we suggest that you enroll in one of our Online Courses instead, as these don’t require a webcam and can be completed at your convenience and attendance is verified by the completion of quiz questions prior to issuance of a certificate.

If you’re unsure whether you have a working webcam, please check with your school or the department’s IT staff prior to the seminar commencing to determine if you are properly set up to participate in the day’s learning. A sample of the webcams available for purchase can be found here

In a remote school with limited internet access? Please email training@pld-literacy.org to request a webcam exemption.