PLD Professional Development Seminars

Consultancy Services

PLD provides a range of consultancy services to:

  • Accommodate professional learning for a school on their premises.
  • Assist with parent education.

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School-Based Professional Development

Schools can adopt a WHOLE SCHOOL LITERACY STRATEGY with help from PLD Learning Consultancy Services. Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Education expertise contribute to the consultancy along with research, clinical experience and field experience. PLD Consultancy Services are positioned to maximise the learning potential of your students by providing your staff with the framework, resources and training for a successful implementation of a literacy and learning program.

School-Based Professional Development allows schools to educate whole bodies of staff at one time on your premises. PLD Consultancy will tailor our content to address the specific needs of an individual school.

School-Based Professional Development can be scheduled on a range of topics including:

  • Establishing effective pre-literacy and early literacy programs in the classroom
  • Review testing, documentation and tracking of children “educationally at risk” in the Junior Primary
  • Defining the key skills associated with early learning success
  • Provide a whole-school approach to teaching spelling
  • Provide a whole-school approach to developing narrative skills
  • Establishing or refining a Whole School Literacy Strategy

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PLD Learning Consultancy also offers School-Based Coaching services to cater for an individual school’s requirements. Tailored coaching may include:

  • Establishing specific programs for students with special education needs
  • Demonstration of screening and intervention techniques
  • Establishing early literacy, early intervention or learning difficulty policies
  • Establishing or refining whole-school literacy policies

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PLD's Q&A Consultancy Sessions are hosted online using Skype, Google Hangouts, Join Me or via Video Conferencing.

The question and answer sessions provide small groups or whole staff the chance to seek and clarify information.

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Consultancy Booking Procedure

Follow this procedure when booking School Based Presentations or Parent Education Sessions.

Please note that bookings typically require a 3 - 6 month advance booking.

Step 1: Download and completethe PD Booking Form. (NOTE: Use the attachment form Parent Education Session Background Information for Parent Education Sessions.) Attach a minimum of 3 potential PD dates and times then forward the forms by email ([email protected]) or fax [+61 (08) 9389 7232]. Additional details can be found on the Contact page.

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Step 2: A formal booking will be made once PLD receives the information from Step 1. PLD will send confirmation of the scheduled date.

Step 3: PLD will forward to the school: a proposed agenda for the presentation, a set of handouts for duplication and an invoice. Payment to PLD is required before or on the day of the presentation.

Typical Equipment Requirements

  • A data projector or interactive whiteboard.
  • 2 large white boards at the front.
  • A presenter's area at the front: large table (or small tables placed together) for placement of presenting gear.

PLEASE NOTE: The price list (available upon application) includes the following consultation process:

  • Phone call(s) or email communication to confirm dates, times and the location of the presentation.
  • Clarification of any points of concern raised on the PD Background Information questionnaire (strictly confidential) which is essential to providing details that will enable PLD to tailored a presentation specifically to a school's needs.