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PLD provides an Australian, evidence-based approach to Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP) for primary school educators. Aligned with the Science of Reading, PLD’s SSP approach extends from the junior primary years through to upper primary years and thereby facilitating a whole school approach.

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Seminar Outline

This full-day seminar outlines the explicit instruction of phonics, decoding and spelling along with time-efficient tracking of student performance that informs the targeted teaching.

This seminar aims to provide an outline of PLD’s implementation within a school from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6.

Implementing SSP in Primary Schools Using PLD (Preparatory to Year 6)

The presentation outlines:

  • The seminar begins by outlining the explicit pre-literacy skill teaching that is recommended early in the Foundation (Prep) school year. The presentation of these preventative programs aims to get as many young learners off to a positive start to their literacy acquisition.
  • The scenario in which a proportion of students can enter Year 1 and 2 at a pre-literacy level is also explored along with the recommendations for programs, explicit teaching, programs and skill development tracking assessments.
  • The seminars explores how to assign and track the development of early decoding and fluency. These measures inform the students who require decodable reading books.
  • PLD’s Stages 1-6 are explained, along with the associated assessments for the junior, middle and upper primary.
  • PLD advocates for three targeted teaching groups on the basis of placement tests. This is explained using sample class testing results.
  • This seminar provides a scope and sequence and process that is practical, realistic, and time-efficient to implement and will cater for advanced, average, and delayed students.
Preparatory to Year 6 – Queensland Seminar Dates

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