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Something to Warm Your Heart – Graduates and Literacy

Its great to know that you are having an impact, particularly on our new wave of teachers graduating each year. We were on forwarded this status update from the ECU M17 Class of 2010 – They saved the best for last! student Facebook group by the wonderful Dr Lorraine Hammond – Course Co-ordinator graduate diploma of education (primary), at the ECU school of education. Graduates and literacy.

Hi there, have just finished doing a 2 day Diana Rigg P.D and my goodness, what an eye opening session on how to approach literacy.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have certainly found this first year of teaching very exhausting and at times I have really considered whether I am up to this career but alas, after attending this P.D, I am no longer afraid of teaching literacy.

Everything covered over the last few days just made so much sense and I cannot recommend this course more highly.

If you don’t already know, graduate teachers are entitled to 10 days/year (this equates to 2.5 days per term) of paid P.D or extra time to mark. If you haven’t used your days up then make this P.D a MUST!

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