1 Hour Online Coaching Session

<span class='green-color'>1 Hour Online Coaching Session</span>

Thank you for your provisional booking! What’s next? Fill out the below form and provide as much information as possible, when you’re done, just hit submit. PLD will provide a follow-up call to confirm your expectations from the session, once this is confirmed, we will issue you with an invoice.

It is estimated that the following form will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please note: A 20% deposit will be required to confirm the booking. 


Provide further information regarding your online coaching session below
  • Contact Information

  • The presenter will contact you before your session to discuss your expectations from the session and the PLD office will be in contact to supply an invoice.
  • Whole School Literacy Monitoring

  • In preparation for the presentation, ensure you have downloaded the 2020 version of the PLD Tracking Sheets for Monitoring Student Progress at https://pld-literacy.org/monitoring/ and have entered the latest screening data for review.

  • We do not accept excel files. If you need your file transferred into a cloud-based format please contact your school IT staff member.
  • Brief Description Of The Students Enrolled At The School

    Please note: That within 7 days of receiving the invoice, PLD requires a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking.