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This seminar explains the implementation of PLD’s structured synthetic phonics programs (SSP) within Year 3, 4, 5 & 6. It outlines PLD’s targeted teaching and the associated tracking and reporting of skill development. The implementation of this evidence-based program aims to maximise literacy levels and skill development.

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Seminar Outline

This full-day seminar provides educators working within the Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 with the knowledge and tools required to explicitly target the range in literacy ability evident within middle and upper primary classes in a systematic fashion. Despite the range in ability within each middle and upper primary class, PLD’s targeted SSP teaching aims to cater for the literacy outcomes of all middle and upper primary students. This seminar provides a scope and sequence and process that is practical, realistic and time-efficient to implement and will cater for advanced, average and delayed students.

The presentation is recommended for all educators working within Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 (WA).

The presentation outlines:

  • How to implement PLD’s structured synthetic phonics (SSP) approach in the middle & upper primary.
  • How three levels of targeted teaching can be delivered to a class.
  • Time-efficient reading and spelling assessments are designed to inform teaching plans so teachers can be more focused in their instruction.
  • The adoption of the PLD’s tracking sheets in order to establish a plan for the upcoming term.
  • The allocation of a proportion of the literacy block to the explicit instruction of encoding (i.e. spelling) and decoding (i.e. reading).
  • The instruction of vocabulary, related to the ever-increasing phonic-based words.
  • The presentation of phonic dictation passages as a facilitator of phonic concepts into extended written work.
  • For the stronger students, a phonic-based approach focused upon word meanings and opportunities to transfer concepts into writing.
  • The teaching of decoding, fluency and the importance of decodable reading material (for the students who still require this instruction).
  • Oral language instruction (to supplement SSP) which facilitates the ability to speak in complex, grammatically correct sentences.
  • Narrative retelling and generation to increase comprehension and written expression ability.
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