Songs with movement producing add-on effects to early childhood literacy

The dilemma faced by many early childhood educators is how to cover all of the underpinning requirements for school readiness while meeting the curriculum requirements. The time devoted to the preparation and performance in literacy and numeracy often leaves reduced time for the teaching and practice of movement skills.

In addition there is a concerning trend, that many children are entering early childhood centres with poorly developed motor skills. This can be attributed to increased technology time, reduced sizes of backyards, an increased need for supervision and safety and working parents.

This movement program has taken into account the needs of early years educators and has been thoroughly researched and published in an international journal Early Childhood Education Journal article. The program provides simple songs to practice language and rhythm combined with developmentally appropriate movements for school readiness. The package enables teachers to embed the songs and movement activities throughout the school day. Research showed that by leading the children through three to four songs each day (with the explicit teaching and practice of movements) the program provided an add-on¹ effect to early literacy outcomes.

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Dr Deb Callcott

B Ed (HPE) M Ed (Special Needs) PhD. Senior Lecturer.

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