Literacy and Learning in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 (WA)

PLD have developed tools that are easy to setup and maintain which provide useful, meaningful insight into student performance in your classrooms. Following the success of rolling out these tools in many classrooms across WA, this info session looks at the importance of meaningful data and how PLD’s resources can provide this in your school. We will also be providing a sneak peek into an upcoming project in this area which we are confident will be of interest.

By middle and upper primary, students typically present with a diverse range in ability.

This seminar explores:

  • A non-standardised spelling placement test in order to determine the specific range within the class.
  • How to allocate a proportion of the literacy block to the explicit instruction of spelling and decoding ‘word attack’ skills and also how to facilitate the transference of these spelling words (and ever increasing sophisticated vocabulary concepts) into writing.
  • A synthetic phonics approach for the students operating at a junior primary level.
  • For the stronger students, a phonic-based approach that focuses upon word meanings and opportunities to transfer concepts into writing.
  • Oral language instruction and how to facilitate students’ ability to speak in complex grammatically correct sentences.
  • As narrative programs have been associated with increasing comprehension and written expression ability, narrative retelling and narrative generation processes are also outlined.
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