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Years 3 to 6 language, literacy & motor milestones
Years 3 to 6 language, literacy & motor milestonesYears 3 to 6 language, literacy & motor milestones

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A booklet that provides an overview of language, literacy and motor milestones for children in Years 3 to 6 (Middle to Upper Primary – 8 to 11 year olds). Tips for home and causes for concern are also outlined. The booklet can be photocopied back to back and then folded in half to provide a compact reference.

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  • Spelling Activities for the Middle And Upper Primary
    Spelling Activities for the Middle And Upper Primary

    Synthetic phonics, vocabulary and writing activities.

    Based on synthetic phonic and linguistic theory A middle and upper primary spelling activities resource (which are based upon synthetic phonics and linguistic theory). Three

  • Phonic & Sight Word Sequence
    Phonic & Sight Word Sequence

    Outlining the relationship between letters and sounds.

    Designed by a Speech Pathologist, this resource is essentially a planning document for scheduling graded spelling lists for 5 to 11-year-olds within a classroom setting.

  • Generating Narratives 1
    Generating narratives 1

    A resource for helping children to start expressing themselves verbally and in writing on the basis of multiple picture prompts.

    This resource provides a series of picture sequences to assist the process of generating oral and written narratives. 10 sets of pictures (3 in each

  • Stage 4 Phonic Dictation
    Stage 4 Phonic Dictation

    Learning to apply phonic knowledge to writing tasks.

    The program develops the ability to transfer phonic and spelling skills into extended reading and written tasks. Short presentation formats outline dictation only. Extended formats

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