Vocabulary and syllable time 2 (eBook)
Vocabulary and syllable time 2 (eBook)
Vocabulary and syllable time 2 (eBook)  

Teaching children to blend and segment syllables is an important step in building phonological and phonemic awareness (which in turn lead to strong literacy and reading skills). A program for 3-4 year olds, or for older students who require vocabulary development.

Designed by speech pathologists for use in schools and the home, this ready to use flip book provides everything that you need to instruct syllables while also extending vocabulary. The program:

  • Provides scripted instructions and clear guidelines.
  • Targets the semantic/vocabulary groups: Zoo animals, in the garden, travel, salad and vegetables and sea life.
  • Includes a ‘progress check’ assessment, so that when the screen is used in conjunction with the program, the program aims to maximise early intervention efforts.

Perfect for use in a classroom while utilising screen mirroring for displaying the eBooks on large screens such as a Smartboard, TV or projector. This can be achieved using various methods. Refer to the FAQ page for detailed instructions.

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