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A Phonological Awareness Program.

Designed by a Speech Pathologist for use in schools and the home, this ready-to-use pack provides everything needed to teach children to sound out the “beats” or syllables in simple words. It includes:

  • Explicit 5-minute instruction sessions
  • Focused on 2 and 3 syllable words
  • Instruction manual (20 pages)
  • 30 x blending syllable cards
  • 27 x segmenting syllable cards


Syllable Time is currently out of print. The Vocabulary and Syllable Time programs (set 1 and 2) are vastly superior to the original text, Syllable Time. 
  1. These programs are scripted.
  2. The programs target the pre-literacy skill of syllabification but also simultaneously the semantic groupings, hence increasing vocabulary skills.
  3. The programs are flip books, and require no preparation. Just pick up and implement for 3 minute blocks, several times a day.


Vocabulary & Syllable Time 1 {Slightly more basic vocabulary)
Vocabulary & Syllable Time 2 (Slightly more complex vocabulary)
The outline of this program within a whole school literacy strategy can be found on page 5 the Whole School Literacy Strategy Booklet.
Please view the demonstration video, or open the entire program, by hovering over the cover and selecting VIEW.


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Sound and letter knowledge - Phonemic awareness (sounds of language) - Recognise rhymes, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words

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