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This Year 2 Starter Pack contains the best selling programs from the areas of literacy, oral language and movement and motor skills.

This pack contains:

  • Stage 2 phonic charts
  • Stage 2 phonic dictation
  • Stage 2 synthetic phonics
  • Spelling activities for junior primary
  • Phonic & sight word sequence
Code: SPy2

Phonic & sight word sequence

A planning document for scheduling graded spelling lists for 5 to 11 year olds.

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Spelling Activities for the Junior Primary

Spelling activities for the junior primary

A Junior Primary spelling activity resource book which incorporates synthetic phonics and linguistic theory

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Stage 2 phonic dictation

Learning to apply phonic knowledge to extended writing tasks.

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Stage 2 phonic charts

A resource designed for students aged 7-8 years of age or at a stage 2 level.

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Synthetic phonics flip book - Stage 1 & 2

Developing the relationship between sounds and phonics.

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