Stage 4 phonic charts (eBook)
Stage 4 phonic charts (eBook)
Stage 4 phonic charts (eBook)  

A resource designed for students aged 9-10 years of age or at a stage 4 level.

  • The charts can be utilised for the purpose of display or as flash cards.
  • Each set, extends phonic knowledge, whilst highlighting the sound structure and the
    vocabulary nature of the words.
  • Writing is supported when students have access to environmental print, which
    consolidates concepts covered.
  • Each set of charts is based directly upon the PLD’s Phonic & sight word sequence

Stage 4 phonic charts focus on the following: ‘a’ as ‘ar’, ‘a’ as ‘o’, ‘c’ as ‘s’, ‘ch’ as ‘k’, ‘g’ as ‘j’, ‘o’ as ‘u’, ‘or’, ‘s’ & ‘ss’ as ‘sh’, ‘y’ as ‘i’, -age, ‘ear’ as ‘er’, use, ‘au’ & ‘augh’ as ‘or’, ‘ough’ as ‘or’, ’si’ as ‘zh’, ‘ci’ as ‘sh’, -ain, ‘i-e’ as ‘ee’, ‘our’ as ‘schwa er’, ‘ou’ as ‘u’, ‘tu’ as ‘ch’, ‘ie’ as ‘ee’, ‘eigh’ as ‘ay’, silent t, silent c, silent w, ‘gu’ as ‘g’, ‘ss’ & ‘si’ as ‘sh’, ‘ge’ as ‘zh’, ‘s’ as ‘zh’, ‘e’ as ‘i’, ‘au’ as ‘o’, ‘ei’ as ‘ee’, ‘u’ as ‘long oo’, ‘al’ as ‘ar’,‘ar’ as ‘schwa er’

Perfect for use in a classroom while utilising screen mirroring for displaying the eBooks on large screens such as a Smartboard, TV or projector. This can be achieved using various methods. Refer to the FAQ page for detailed instructions.


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