Phonic handwriting
Phonic handwriting

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A systematic letter formation and phonics program available in the foundation or cursive fonts

  • Authored collaboratively by an occupational therapist and a speech pathologist.
  • In an era of expanding use of technology, the literature review highlights the current status of handwriting.
  • This program presents handwriting and phonics simultaneously in an systematic manner.
  • Each lesson outlines instructions and assessment rating scales.
  • The program contains numerous progress reviews to monitor skill development.
  • Available in the foundation or cursive font.


  • Phonic handwriting
    Developing Cutting Skills Milestones – Ages 3 – 6

    A milestone sheet which identifies age based norms for developing cutting skills in children aged 3 to 6 years.

    Over a period of several years, children progress through several steps when learning to cut with scissors. Step 1 – Children learn to hold scissors

  • Phonic handwriting
    The Development of Appropriate Pencil Grip and Drawing Skills – Ages 1 – 6

    These milestone and information sheets identify the age-related milestones for hand function, pencil grip (grasp) and drawing skills in children aged 1 to 6 years. They present images of good and NOT good pencil grip and also outline hints for making a good pencil grip easier.

    When children first begin to draw using crayons, pencils or brushes they use a dagger grasp. In a natural developmental sequence, they will hold the

  • Correct Pencil Grip Free Fact Sheet
    Correct Pencil Grip

    A downloadable fact sheet with large illustrations and helpful tips of good pencil grip for left and right hand students.

    What makes pencil grip easier? • Big pieces of paper. • Big crayons, brushes and markers (larger tools ensure children use the right muscles and

Creating texts - Handwriting - Developing a fluent, legible handwriting style, beginning with unjoined letters and moving to joined handwriting

Code: Mphon ISBN: 9781925057010

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