Phonic Desk Strips – Stage 2 (Downloadable)

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Year Level: Year 1 & 2
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The desk strips are attractive resources for use in the school or home to assist children during early spelling and writing efforts providing:

  • Stage 2 phonic concepts: e.g. sh, ch, th, oo, ck, ing, wh, all, qu, ar, oy, oi, ee, ea, e-e and many more …
  • The strip illustrates correct sitting posture and a correct pencil grip reminder
  • Pictures to support alphabet sound recall
  • One Phonic Desk Strip in PDF format for print on A3/A4 paper or card.

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  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 2 (Downloadable)
    Difficulty Acquiring the Alphabet Sounds – Screen

    In-depth Screens (when students are slow to progress or are experiencing difficulties) with acquiring their alphabet sounds.

    This screen has been designed to identify why students are not progressing or why they are experiencing difficulties acquiring skills. The screens highlight what additional

  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 2 (Downloadable)
    Assessments for Students Experiencing Difficulty Within Stage 1 Targets 1, 2 & 3

    PLD recommends the presentation of these short assessments to determine why students may not be progressing through Stage 1 at a pleasing rate. 

    These screens have been designed to identify why students are not progressing, or why they are experiencing difficulties acquiring skills within Stage 1. The screens

  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 2 (Downloadable)
    PLD’s Whole School Literacy Plan

    The document outlines how to implement PLD’s literacy, Movement and Motor and Oral Language resources during the Early Years, Foundation, Year 1 & 2 and across Years 3 to 6. Each page provides suggested time frames and implementation recommendations.

    The purpose of this document is to provide an implementation outline to assist schools in scheduling the PLD programs within a broad school-based strategy. When

This download outlines how PLD programs link to the ACARA National Curriculum year level content descriptions.

  • Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 2 (Downloadable)
    PLD’s Alignment to the Australian National Curriculum

    How does PLD align to the Australian National Curriculum?

    In the attached download we have outlined where PLD applies to each year level, the content code and descriptor and the related PLD programs.  

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    Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 2 (Downloadable)

    Learning to apply phonic knowledge to extended writing tasks.

    What happens when the correct spelling of test words does not transfer to writing? Students often write words correctly in spelling tests but struggle when applying their new knowledge to written work? As a general rule, students require many opportunities to rehearse their skills in contexts of increasing complexity. Phonic Dictation – Stage 2 focuses on a variety of spelling and phonics concepts. As students complete the dictation tasks, they are faced with the challenge of applying their recently acquired spelling concepts to the rewriting of passages. The presentation of regular phonic dictation sessions enables students to rehearse transferring spelling concepts to their writing. Dictation tasks require minimal preparation but produce significant gains in all areas of literacy. When presented on a regular basis, dictation tasks hold the potential to produce a significant increase in a range of areas. Dictation improves the following skills in students: listening auditory memory handwriting language spelling Most importantly, dictation assists in the translation of spelling list words to students’ self-generated writing. The short presentation formats outline dictation only, the extended formats provide reading, editing and writing tasks. Phonic Dictation – Stage 2 focuses on: Phonic concepts – sh/ch/th/oo/ee/ck/ar/or/ay/ai/er/ing/all. Consonant clusters and double consonants. Long vowels – a-e/e-e/i-e/o-e/u-e. Phonic concepts – oa/ow(as oa)/ ir(as er)/ur(as er)/er/aw(as or)/or/ ea(as ee)/ee/ou/ow(as ou)/ etc. Generous discounts apply for bulk orders 5 to 9 copies – 15% discount applies 10+ copies – 20% discount applies The other programs within the range include: Phonic Dictation – Stage 1 Phonic Dictation – Stage 3 Phonic Dictation – Stage 4 Phonic Dictation – Stage 5 Phonic Dictation – Stage 6 This publication is mentioned within the Year 1 & 2 Teaching Sequence Manual on pages 13 – 16.

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    Phonic Desk Strips - Stage 2 (Downloadable)

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