Early years language, literacy & motor milestones

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A booklet that provides an overview of language, literacy and motor milestones for children in the early years (3 and 4 year olds). Tips for home and causes for concern are also outlined. The booklet can be photocopied back to back and then folded in half to provide a compact reference.

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  • Early years language, literacy & motor milestones
    Preparing for the alphabet

    Beginning sound awareness: a phonemic awareness program

    Beginning sound awareness; a phonemic awareness program Phonemic awareness is an important pre-literacy skill. The colour card sets form the basis of explicit 5 minute

  • Early years language, literacy & motor milestones
    Comprehension questions for 4 year olds

    A home or school picture book program

    Designed by Speech Pathologists. Designed for teachers and parents for use in schools, daycare and in the home. List of recommended picture books and scripted

  • Preparing children for Handwriting Step 1
    Preparing Children for Handwriting Step 1

    The range of motor skills that support handwriting

    This practical and easy to use activity guide provides early childhood workers and parents with easy-to-understand information and activities focused upon fine and gross motor

  • Early years language, literacy & motor milestones
    Developing news telling and narrative skills for 4 year olds

    Show and tell, activity retells & news telling.

    A complete pack for the classroom or home instruction, this resource was designed by Speech Pathologists to help parents and teachers instruct 4 year olds

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