PLD Wins 2018 Primary Publisher of the Year Print

PLD Wins 2018 Primary Publisher of the YearThe 2018 Australian Educational Publishing Awards were recently held in Melbourne. Celebrating its 25th year, the awards evening brings together publishers to acknowledge excellence and award businesses going above and beyond for the advancement of students.

PLD received one of the major awards, Primary Publisher of the Year. In a field of large and international companies, we were thrilled that our comparatively small organisation could receive such a prestigious industry award.

This award is further recognition that PLD resonates with teachers. The consultancy services we provide keeps us in touch with what busy schools are requiring: Simple, time-efficient resources that ultimately enhance literacy levels. PLD’s publishing point of difference is that the range of programs have been designed by specialists (speechpathologists and occupational therapists) for generalists (educators).

PLD Wins 2018 Primary Publisher of the Year

We strongly believe this is integral to producing results.

In the days after the awards we received hundreds of messages of support and congratulations. One of our favourites was from a classroom teacher: “It helps when you have a great product.”

In recent years, PLD has gone from strength to strength with two main factors contributing to the growth.

  • Independent recognition of the effectiveness of the PLD’s approach. PLD’s literacy range is an AUSPELD recommended evidence based program and was also recognised in research focused upon high performing schools.
  • An increased commitment to marketing.

PLD Wins 2018 Primary Publisher of the YearThis was PLD’s first time entering the awards and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you to all of the teachers who voted for PLD, to the organisers and the sponsors for a great industry event.

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Diana Rigg speaks to her old school, Santa Maria College, about PLD’s win.