Phonic and Sight Word Sequence Replacement Books

<span class='green-color'>Phonic and Sight Word Sequence Replacement Books</span>

Thank you for entering our recent competition to win replacement versions of the Phonic and Sight Word Sequence. Please fill in your details in the form below to organise your prize.

Terms & Conditions: You will only be sent the replacement versions of Phonic and Sight Word Sequence once PLD has received the covers or your older versions.

Why return the covers? By removing the covers, teaching staff still can use the books, while waiting for the replacements. Returning the covers and not the full book, will substantially reduce the postage costs. The older cover-less versions in your school should be removed from circulation and recycled immediately upon receiving your replacement versions, this should take about 7 days.

Return the covers in person or by mail to PLD Literacy, 116 Parry Street, Perth WA 6000.

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