PLD has put together a series of fact sheets and video presentations which can be used when presenting a Parent Education Night.

The ideal situation is always that schools and parents work together for the benefit of the children in their care. The best student outcomes are always attained when both parties coordinate and work together. As many educators will soon to embark on beginning of the school year parent education sessions, it is an ideal time to communicate this message to parents but also to provide useful tips and information for the home.

Using the visual below, it is always useful for the parent body to conceptualise the whole child. PLD demonstrates this with the following visual.

Key Areas of Literacy Development
Key Areas of Literacy Development

Academic success is dependent upon the development of three sets of skills:

  1. The blue set of skills: speaking and listening skills such as comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure, the ability to structure and the ability to elaborate upon your thoughts.
  2. The red set of skills: the ability to operate with efficient and coordinated fine and gross motor body movements.
  3. The green set of skills: pre-literacy and early and later literacy skills which include phonic knowledge, decoding, spelling and a range of other skills.

Use the links that follow below if you would like to provide a handouts on these point. Please note that the blue coloured handouts have been written by speech pathologists, the red coloured handouts have been written by occupational therapists and the green coloured handouts by speech pathologists and educators.

What is typical speech and listening abilities for the different ages? Click on this link to access speaking and listening milestone sheets for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+ year olds.

In addition to providing this handout, it is recommended that you also show your parents a short video in which a speech pathologist outlines some of the key milestones. These videos can be viewed from our Parent Information Night Page here.

In addition the listening video is a great watch, as parents can develop this skill within the home.

Other favourite milestone sheets include:

  1. Correct pencil grip and Pencil grip and drawing skills fact sheets
  2. Recommended picture books for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-8 and 9-12 year olds
  3. Cutting skills

If conducting the PLD comprehension questions process, in which students are sent home with a picture book and a set of questions, it is recommended that you lead the parents through the narrative retelling process and also that you show the parents the short age based video clips. These videos can also be viewed from our Parent Information Night Page.

There are many more milestone and fact sheets in our age, skill and curriculum based web pages.

There are also many more video clips which can be previewed on our Parent Information Night Page or on the specific product pages. (remember to click on the bottom right hand corner of each video clip to enlarge the clips to the full screen view)

It is hoped that this information enables school and home to be more aligned.

All the best with your parent nights!