I want to buy some apps, which ones are the best to start with?

In terms of making an app selection, we suggest that you refer to the following flyer: https://pld-literacy.org/product/pld-eresources-flyer/
  • The Reading Race apps’s develop early decoding (but also will have a positive impact on early spelling).
  • The Spell Star apps (although with a spelling focus) also should assist decoding too.
Within the PLD e-Resources Flyer you will find the following sections:
  • At the base of page 2, the app that can be utilized in the EARLY YEARS/Kindergarten for the advanced students.
  • At the base of page 3, the apps that are ideal for FOUNDATION/Pre-Primary (particularly within Term’s 2, 3 & 4).
  • At the top of page 4, the apps that can used in Year 1. [Please note, within Year 2, it is just the delayed students that the apps are applicable to).
Keep in mind that the Apps follow the ‘Stage 1’ screen:
  • Reading Race 1a and Spell Star 1a – focus upon Stage 1 Target 1 (or 1.1)
  • Reading Race 1b and Spell Star 1b – focus upon Stage 1 Target 2 (or 1.2)
  • Reading Race 1c and Spell Star 1c – focus upon Stage 1 Target 1 (or 1.3)
  • Reading Race 1d and Spell Star 1d – focus upon Stage 1 Target 1 (or 1.4)


If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]