How does PLD focus on vocabulary within their product offering?

PLD has speech pathology created vocabulary programs for The Early Years and Foundation.


To find these programs on our website, please enter the following codes in the search bar on our Home Page:   (to source more information or to view in full by selecting VIEW PRODUCT under the covers) include:

You can view more information on the program by clicking into the page, or view it in full by selecting VIEW PRODUCT under the cover image.


From Year 1, PLD encourages the vocabulary to be based upon spelling the words. The program we have created for this is Phonic Sight Word Sequence, and the code to search for this book is:

Typically within the primary school years students can spell words that they do not understand the meaning of.

The spelling list words with in the Phonic Sight Word Sequence program (particularly from stages 3-6) have a significant vocabulary focus and facilitate a process in which word knowledge is developed.


The Spelling Activities books (codes SAjp and SAmup) include a semantics/vocabulary set of activities to apply to the spelling words.