Is there evidence based research that provides support for PLD’s structured synthetic phonics approach?

There are several studies that we can provide you with that will provide support for PLD’s structured synthetic phonics approach.


  1. PLD received significant mentions in the 2015 ‘High Performing School: what do they have in common?’ (Louden) research.  You can find a summary of the research here and the whole article here.


  1. Speech Pathology Australia wrote a case study (found here) on the significant progress that was shown in a remote school, with students going from non-readers to readers very rapidly once alphabet sounds and phonemic awareness was systematically targeted.


  1. PLD has just been identified by DSF (and all Dyslexia SPELD Foundations around the country) as a recommended wave 1 program and wave 2 program. Wave 3 programs are programs such as ‘Mini-Lit’ and ‘Multi-Lit’.  Read more here.