Does a child/student require a speech and language pathology referral?

Concerns within any of the following areas support the need for a speech pathologist to be involved with a child’s development of skills:

  • receptive language (understanding or comprehension)
  • expressive language (oral language)
  • attention
  • literacy skills
  • speech
  • social skills


The following basic questionnaire is very useful. It identifies areas which support the need for a referral:


In terms of ‘speech or articulation’ the PLD articulation or speech sound production screen will also identify if students require speech pathology services. It can be found here:

The government funded system is limited, particularly when children are over 6 years of age. Often parents are faced with a long wait period for a limited government funded service or the need to investigate private services. As a child ages, often schools are faced with attempting to cater for students who clearly require specialist support.