Success in each of PLD’s core areas of Literacy, Movement and Motor and Oral Language, involves three components: Professional Development, Programs, and Screening and Student Tracking.

  • Professional Development: To ensure effective implementation of PLD Literacy in your school, we offer both online and face-to-face training and consulting options through our Online Courses, Seminars and School Based Professional Development.
  • PLD Programs: PLD’s Structured Synthetic Phonics (SSP) resources have been written by Diana Rigg with the help of a team of speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and educators and are continuously updated as new research becomes available. For our education standards to meet national and international benchmarks, schools need to invest in programs that are supported by research.
  • Screening and Student Tracking: Tracking student progress is not only an area of strength for PLD but an essential component of the PLD process. If you wish to find out more about how establishing a consistent screening and tracking process in your classroom is essential to ensuring the best possible outcome for your students, find out more here.

Following these three aspects, PLD believes you can give your students the best possible start to the new school year. 

Whether you are new to PLD and interested in finding out more or an existing PLD school looking to update your resources, click on the links below to download, complete and return our 2020 programs and training request forms, to enable us to better serve you. 

Already know what you need or prefer the convenience of shopping online? Then why not view our range of targeted starter packs. ESSENTIAL starter packs contain everything you need for your year level broken down into strands such as Literacy, Oral Language and Movement and Motor. ULTIMATE starter packs contain everything you need for your year level in one handy bundle. Click on the image(s) below to view the targeted starter packs for your year level. If you are interested in implementing PLD across the school, please contact our Schools and Training Manager – [email protected].