Decodable reading books and sight words: your questions answered. Print

Term 1 marches on and decodable reading books and sight words continue to be hot topics of debate. In this newsletter we clarify some of the confusion surrounding these debated topics and conclude with an overview of the questions asked most frequently in Term 1.

Decodable reading books and sight words: your questions answered.

Are we providing the best reading books for our young students?

Around Australia many schools are still providing outdated non-evidence based early reading material. Leaders in Education are calling for whole language readers to be phased out and replaced with decodables. Read more on this HERE.

At PLD we appreciate that it is complicated to remove such reading series along with the associated Whole Language type screening.  Read our past discussions in this area HERE and HERE.

We owe it to the Year 1 students who are already being allocated home reading books and the Pre-Primary / Prep. / Reception / Transition / Kindergarten students who will soon start on home readers that they are receiving quality reading material so that their transition into reading is smooth and so that the number of students who will experience difficulties is minimised. 

Now is the time to have the discussions. There are many options for decodables, download PLD’s range for the first two years of learning to read or older students who still require decodables. 

Read the evidence base for decodable reading books.

Watch the videos on early reading.

These can be passed on to parents or viewed during parent workshops.

Download the screens for early reading.

The Screens to accompany the decodable reading program:

PLD’s decodable reading books.

Home Reading Sets – comprised of almost 30 titles

Home Reading Sets Further Practise – comprised of 20 titles each

Shared Reading Sets – 10 titles, with 6 copies of each title

Decodable reading books and sight words: your questions answered.

Teaching sight words in 2019

There is so much confusion surrounding sight words. Read our 7 tips for teaching sight words HERE.

Access our new sight word teaching and assessment downloads via these links:

Decodable reading books and sight words: your questions answered.

The best selling literacy, language, and motor programs

We are please to release our 2019 list of best selling PLD programs. Take a look at your age group now to make sure you have them all.

Do you need to update your current resources? PLD offer’s a trade-in discount of 20%. This allows you to upgrade you older resources for the latest editions. Read more about his process HERE.  Or get started by completing the Trade-in Form.

Decodable reading books and sight words: your questions answered.

Your most asked literacy and language questions answered

The PLD Support Page provides a wealth of information across a range of topics. We are constantly expanding this knowledge base, so if you find yourself with a question about PLD or our programs please take a look HERE. Below are some of the top Term 1 Frequently Asked Questions. Take a read of them now as they may be questions you have had before.

If you have a question about any of the PLD programs that you feel would be worth adding to our support page, please email it through to [email protected]