ALTR – Data-driven Literacy

<span class='green-color'>ALTR - Data-driven Literacy</span>

Due for release in 2021, ALTR, PLD’s new screening platform takes paper-based testing into an interactive visual format while reporting on student learning at a classroom and school leader level.

Interested in trialling ALTR in your school?

While we are putting the finishing touches on the platform, we are looking for a Kindergarten and a Pre-Primary class (at the same or different schools), located within 30 minutes of PLD’s Perth office, who will allow Diana to perform ALTR class-based screening on each student within the class. If your school community is agreeable to Diana trialling ALTR testing, (all results will remain confidential but shared with the class teacher and admin team), as a thank you, we will provide some accompanying resources at no cost to the school.

If your school is unable to participate in the trial but would still like some more information, register here to receive early access before ALTR launches publicly in 2021.

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