This post relates to a discussion on a whole of school approach to spelling. The original poster is an existing user of PLD resources for stage 1, grade 1 and was required to assist the school with expanding the PLD across the entire school.

We recently received the following query regarding our Preparing for the Alphabet Pack (along with many others) and have tried to set up sound packs based on each letter of the alphabet. I have noticed that there are no vowels in the publication. Is this intentional? If this is intentional why so? And do you have something similar based on the vowel sounds? Jessica N The following may be useful to other teachers and parents introducing their students to the alphabet.

Its great to know that you are having an impact, particularly on our new wave of teachers graduating each year. We were on forwarded this status update from the ECU M17 Class of 2010 – They saved the best for last! student Facebook group by the wonderful Dr Lorraine Hammond – Course Co-ordinator graduate diploma of education (primary), at the ECU school of education.

Have you seen The King’s Speech? Oral Language is one of the skill sets required for literacy so I was particularly interested in seeing the film. Based on the true story of the Prince of Wales prior to becoming King George VI, the story is centred on the problem of the Prince’s severe stutter. (In the UK they apply the term ‘stammering’). If stuttering is not treated by the onset of puberty it will never be cured but only managed at best.